March it on Out!

This fun annual event is a Russell and District Horticultural Society initiative and we work in partnership with St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic High School in Russell.

March it on Out!

March it on Out! is a unique annual event that encourages everyone to extend the life of useful items rather than sending them to the landfill. The concept is simple, and absolutely engenious!

Everyone is encouraged to look around their house, garage, cottage, shed, or wherever they are storing unused items and donate them to the event. People bring their unwanted items to our partner in this event, St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic High School on a designated Friday evening in March.

The RDHS members and student volunteers sort through all the donated items and place them together with other like items on display for the next morning.

On Saturday morning anyone who is interested in taking home some items can come to the school, and for the small entry fee of only $15 per person, they can bring home as much stuff as they want!

It is the biggest treasure hunt in the area and we are so happy to see so many things, likely previously on their way to the landfill, to be taken home and used by someone else.

Everyone loves this event - the people who are getting rid of unwanted items, the people getting a great deal on items they are happy to take home and use, and the Society, because we are delighted to do our part to help the environment by promoting the often overlooked one of the three "Rs" - REUSE!