Sources for African Violet Soil

by Catherine Clarke

Hi everyone, Here is some information on where to obtain African Violet Soil and soil additives in the Ottawa area. I suggest phoning any store or nursery first, as items sell out fast in some locations.

Ritchie’s Feed and Seed

Ritchie’s has stores in several locations in the Ottawa area; I suggest you go to each location's website to view what is available. They sell the ProMix brand of African Violet Soil, Perlite and Vermiculite.

Peter Knippel Nursery

4590 Bank St 613-822-0383 Peter Knippel sells Fafard African Violet Soil and Miracle Mix Perlite and Vermiculite (from a company called Les Sols Isabelle.)

I find the perlite to be coarser than Pro Mix, which is good for African Violets.

Canadian Tire

Many locations in Ottawa/Gatineau, online store Canadian Tire sells Miracle Gro and Golf Green African Violet Soil; Golf Green and ProMix Vermiculite and Miracle Gro Perlite

Home Hardware

Many locations in Ottawa, Gatineau. I’ve purchased African Violet soil, vermiculite and perlite at Barry’s Home Hardware in Russell. Sometimes you have to order these items in. Home Hardware sells AllTreat African Violet Soil, Perlite and Vermiculite

Robert Plante Greenhouses

4228 Navan Rd, Orleans (613) 835-9266 call for hours and information this nursery sells Fafard African Violet Soil and Perlite I did not see Vermiculite on their website, but they do sell Horticultural Charcoal (4.4L for $8.99)

Artistic Landscape Design

2079 Bank Place 613-733-8220

The website is currently unavailable, so you will need to call for hours and available products. In the past, I have bought Fafard African Violet Soil there and Pro Mix Perlite and Vermiculite.

Tips on Soil Mixes First tip - if your African Violets are growing well and blooming in your soil mix don't change a thing! Keep using the mix you have been using!

Second tip - If you grow your plants in a cool location, like a basement, or if your house is cool, you may want to use a very light soil mix. My house is cool, so I use a mix of one part African Violet soil, one part perlite and one part vermiculite.

The book "Growing to Show" by Pauline Bartholomew gives the following advice for casual growing; "...use a good quality potting mix. Unless the mix shows a high proportion of perlite, add one part perlite to three parts soil mix."