Growing Peaches in Our Area

by Pegi Holtz

A few years ago, Lindley and I attended a conference hosted by the Ontario Woodlot Association where the overall topic was Climate Change and how it might affect our forests. One of the speakers suggested that we would be able to grow things that might otherwise not have survived in our area. Shortly after that, we were browsing around at the Metcalfe Farmers Market and one of the vendors was selling apple tree saplings and peach tree saplings. We both had lots of apple trees but decided to try the peaches. We took them home and planted them in our respective yards and waited while they grew. This spring for the first time, they flowered and in the late summer we both got bumper crops of peaches just like the kinds that we get from the Niagara Region! Mine were enormous pinky-yellow juicy fruits and while Lindley’s were smaller and more yellow in colour and both varieties were absolutely delicious. We gorged ourselves and shared with friends and also had enough to “do down” for enjoying this winter. I am going to try growing more trees and have found a reliable source who will ship to us. It is Whiffletree Farm and Nursery and their website and phone number are listed below.


The trees themselves don’t take up much room so even a small yard could accommodate one. Why not give it try?