Mini Flower Shows


Upcoming 2019 Mini Flower Shows

Back by popular demand to help celebrate our own society’s 100th birthday we will have mini flower shows in the first four months of 2019 (as well as our big June flower show). The categories are :


January 2019

1. Special Birthday! An arrangement using mini lights, candles, sparkly stuff etc.

2. A hundred years ago. An arrangement in a tin container using dried components.

3. Full Moon Tonight!


February 2019

1. Keep it in the Family. Use a picture frame as accessory or feature.

2. Flag Proud.

3. Love abounds - a corsage.


March 2019

1. Mardi Gras! An arrangement using fresh flowers with accessories such as feathers, beads, jewelry, egg shells etc.

2. Emerald Isle. Small (5 to 10 inches) mostly green arrangement using foliage/herbs.

3. Equinox. 2 containers, the same, except for bloom colour.


April 2019

1. Spring’s a coming. Pot et Fleur using a group of potted forced bulbs in say, all white, or all yellow or all pink etc.

2. Hens, chicks and bunnies.

3. All New! A parallel design.


Prize money of $15 for first, $10 for second and $5 for third.  Each person who enters an arrangement will have their name in a draw for $100 at the May meeting.  All entries to be judged by those present.


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