Russell & District Horticultural Society

The Russell and District Horticultural Society is a group dedicated to developing interest and education in horticulture in gardeners of all ages. The Society promotes the protection of the natural environment and the beautification of the community as well as holds meetings and educational workshops and encourages the planting of trees, shrubs and flowers in the community.

March it on Out!

Taking place at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic High School

Drop off March 23, 2018 between 5pm and 8pm

Doors open Saturday, March 24 at 8am

On Friday evening, drop off the stuff you don’t want anymore. Come back on Saturday morning and for only $10 you can take home as much stuff as you want.

Here's how it works

On Friday, March 23, anyone can bring things that they don't want anymore to St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic High School. You can bring those dishes that you got from Grandma that you never use, that pair of skates that don't fit anymore, that dresser that you don't need, books you've already read, craft supplies you'll never use, and on and on. We'll take it all. It is totally FREE to drop off your stuff. Volunteers will work away to sort and categorize everything that comes in.

The next day, Saturday March 24, the doors will open and for only $10 you can come in, pick through all the great stuff and take home as much as you want!

You can't beat that price!

Bring in all those unwanted items that you have hanging around your house, shed and garage! You'll feel great knowing they are going to someone who really wants them!

Come back and take home some great stuff for an amazing deal!

New Location for Our Meetings

We are very excited that we now meet at the Russell Meadows Retirement Community at 475 Church Street in Russell. Come and join us!

Constitution and By-laws

At our Annual General Meeting in November 2017 we voted to make a change to our Constitution and By-laws.

Junior Gardeners

Hey kids! If you are aged 5, 16 or anywhere inbetween and are interested in growing things, the Junior Gardeners could be just what you're looking for. Learn more about the Junior Gardeners program.


Past Presidents: Standing - Jon Funston, Carole Van Die, Marcel Beauchamp, sitting - Louise Houle, Pegi Holtz, Grace Stapper, Lindley MacPhail. Absent were Trudy Lentz and Pat Stachon.

Local Events

Trivia Nights

Connie Johnston will be asking the hard questions at the upcoming Trivia Nights. Join the fun!

March 3 Upstairs at the Russell Arena for Ottawa Dog Rescue

March 17 at the Broadway Restaurant in Barrhaven for another little guy named Percy who is also suffering with a brain tumour

March 24 Upstairs at the Russell Arena for Russell High School

April 21 Upstairs at the Russell Arena for Alzheimers


Coming Up

March 19, 2018 7pm
Organic Farming
Russell Meadows, 475 Church Street

March 23 and 24, 2018
March it on Out!
St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic High School

For a fulll list of the upcoming meetings and events, go the the Meetings/Events page.




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