Our membership year runs from January to December.


Two local businesses have generously made available a 10% discount on regular priced green nursery stock to members of the Russell and District Horticultural Society.


Visit Barry’s Home Hardware and Beyond the House Garden Centre, both on Craig Street in Russell for your next plant purchase.


All you have to do is show your 2022 membership card before you pay.


Wondering about other nurseries? Just ask at the store and show your membership card. Many places also give discounts for gardeners.




Grace Stapper, President

Lindley McPhail, Co-First Vice-President

Pegi Holtz, Co-First Vice-President

Louise Houle, Second Vice-President

Manja Bastian, Treasurer

Connie Johnston, Secretary

Carole Van Die, Past President

Susan Barr, Director

Linda Duhamel, Director

Maria-Claire Ivanski, Director

Julie Keravel, Director

Christine Lanthier, Director

Marilyn MacMillan, Director

Diane Sharp, Director

Peter Van Die, Director

Marianne Vedder, Director



Spring Plant Sale: Louise Houle and Pegi Holtz

Juniors Liaison: Julie Keravel

Library Liaison: Lindley McPhail

High School Awards: Marilyn MacMillan

Flower Shows: Louise Houle and Pegi Holtz

Garden Tours: Louise Houle

Day trips: Louise Houle

Workshops: Louise Houle

Membership: Manja Bastian and Linda DuHamel

Historical Records: Margaret Helliker

Refreshments: Marilyn MacMillan

Sunshine: Linda DuHamel

Yearbook: Jacqueline Wyss and Pegi Holtz

The objectives of the Russell and District Horticultural Society are to encourage interest and education in horticulture by:


- holding meetings and educational workshops;

- encouraging the planting of trees, shrubs and flowers in our community;

- promoting outdoor beautification;

- arranging field trips, competitions and exhibitions related to horticulture;

- distributing seeds, plants, bulbs, flowers, trees and shrubs;

- promoting the protection of the natural environment;

- promoting the circulation of horticultural information through any media;

- stimulating an interest in the study of horticulture in gardeners of all ages.

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