2021 Virtual Sunflower show

Here are just a few of the wonderful entries we have received for the 2021 Virtual Sunflower Show.


Contest closes on September 30, 2021, so get your entries in now. Go to the Meetings & Events page for full details on how to enter.



  1. Tallest flowering sunflower - entrants to measure and then report the height (from the ground up) when entering the picture
  2. Largest sunflower in bloom - entrants to measure and then report the width of the bloom when entering the picture
  3. Most flowers per single sunflower plant – entrants to count them and report when entering the picture
  4. Sunflower(s) visited by pollinator(s)
  5. Group display of sunflower plants
  6. Sunflower – any other colour but solid yellow
  7. An arrangement featuring sunflowers
  8. A painting/craft/garden art etc of homemade design featuring sunflowers
  9. A poem about sunflower
  10. 10.An acrostic using the word TOURNESOL (An Acrostic is a form of poetry that is written vertically in capital letters. Please print “TOURNESOL” in 14 font in bold print with the rest of the poem in 12 font

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